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My Journey To Create Healthy Skin

Having tried out so many different skincare products and routines over the years without much benefit, I decided it was time for an overhaul. And I wanted to share with you how, with the combination of using new products combined with skin treatments I have managed to substantially improve the texture and pigmentation of the skin on my face.

When I was younger having a tan was everything despite the cost to my skin. Needless to say that when I got older and started wising up to skincare, a lot of the damage to my skin was already done. So I decided it was better late than never to start on my journey to try and repair my skin.

The team at the Health and Aesthetics clinic have guided on my journey to improve the texture and pigmentation of my skin starting with an in depth analysis of my face using their Visia machine.

This machine looks at the strengths and weaknesses of your skin by scanning the front and sides of your face. The scan then measures a variety of aspects regarding your skin such as your skin pigmentation, pore size and texture. The results of your scan are then compared to your peer group to drive out percentages of strength or weakness in your skin to be able to develop a more targeted treatment plan for you to reach your goals.

May 2019

I had my first scan in May 2019 and started on a plan to use new Zo Skin Health products alongside Hydrafacial treatments to work on the pigmentation of my skin which has always bothered me. Then in May this year I had another scan to track my progress and the results were great!

May 2021

Most the areas of my skin that were analysed had a higher percentage number than they had previously which means an improvement in that area. Having said that, my wrinkles have got worse which I put down to having my third child and the pandemic! Needless to say I'm working on my wrinkles as a priority now!

The products and treatment plan that I was recommended were developed specifically based on my skin analysis and needs with a focus on the areas I really wanted to improve. So this plan is likely to differ from person to person based on your skin analysis and objectives, but the main thing is the result you see.

I guess the moral of the story is that prevention is easier than cure when it comes to your skin health - which I wish I sussed out when I was younger - but cure can still be done with time and perseverance! I would to love hear about any treatments or products you swear by when it comes to improving or maintaining healthy skin.

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