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8 Simple Steps Towards A Healthy Lifestyle

Not long ago I decided to focus on living a healthier lifestyle and I wanted to share 8 simple steps from my journey with you. It was the combination of being tired and having no energy encouraged me to make these simple changes for the better.

Making healthy choices aren’t always the easiest with the busy lives we lead! I've always prioritised getting through my to-do list and taking care of the family over recognising my own needs and taking care of myself.

One way I thought I could lead a healthy lifestyle easily was by setting goals for myself at the beginning of each week. Although I realised quickly that those goals weren’t achievable and by Wednesday my good intentions had gone and I’d slipped back into old habits again.

In hindsight I’d probably given myself too many new resolutions to stick to each week which got me thinking. What simple but effective changes could I make to boost my energy levels that don’t feel like a chore?

Firstly I realised that restricting certain food groups only made me want them more. So instead of making myself feel like a failure when I couldn't stay away from those things I decided on everything in moderation.

By doing this a massive weight lifted and that's when I realised the changes I needed for a healthy lifestyle didn't need to be hard!

1// Drink at least 2 litres of water a day

First thing in the morning I have a hot water and lemon to boost my metabolism and then continue to drink water throughout the day. It helps me keep hydrated and kerb those hunger cravings.

2// Exercise everyday

I exercise early in the day as this is the quietest time and helps me reset my mind. Sometimes I dread it but I’ll always do some even if just for 10 minutes to get the endorphins going!

3// Try to get a good nights sleep

Sleep has to be one of your top prioirities when you’re striving for a healthy lifestyle because it allows you to recharge. I always try and get 8 hours sleep a night so I feel refreshed and ready to taken on the day.

Dose & Co Pure Collagen Unflavoured

4// Take a daily dose of collagen

I never used to take any collagen but I found it really helps to give my skin and nails a boost. After a fews weeks taking Dose & Co unflavoured collagen peptides in my coffee I noticed my skin looking much healthier and nails feeling stronger.

5// Aim to fast for 10-16 hours each night

I fast for around 14-16 hours at night. It encourages the body to turn fat stores into energy and ultimately helps towards maintaining your weight, or even weight loss if that’s your goal.

6// Meal plan with plenty of fruit & veg

It's too easy for me to grab unhealthy food and go during the week so I always meal plan to try and avoid that. Having plenty of fruit and veg around makes dealing with hunger cravings easier and I find a smoothie in the morning puts you on good footing for the day.

7// Take daily vitamins and probiotics

Despite trying my hardest I don't always manage to get a perfectly balanced nutritional intake everyday. So I get a boost from my vitamins and help for my gut health with the probiotics.

8// Be kind to yourself

It goes without saying that we should be kind to ourselves and listen to our bodies as they tell us what we need. Try to also allow yourself time everyday to do what makes you feel good and puts you in a positive mindset. Life isn't about being miserable after all!

I knew my focus on a healthy lifestyle had to be on goals that were easy to maintain and long lasting. But little did I realise how big an impact they would have on my energy and mindset for the better.

Whatever your goals are in your journey to a healthy lifestyle I hope that this helps you in some way. I would love to hear about other changes you’ve made that helped you towards a healthy lifestyle so please do share them!

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