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What's in my Beach Bag?

Summer holidays are the one time I get the luxury of having a bag all to myself. Normally my bag is full of the kids’ stuff and becomes a general dumping ground, so I love summer when we go away and the kids have their own bags meaning I can have my own too.

This year I invested in a sustainable bag from the brand Muuñ whose bags are produced as part of an ongoing project between Ghana and Paris.

Muuñ Sustainable Bag

Each bag they produce is hand-woven using straw from Ghana – a natural material – and then personalised with a detachable liner which may be woollen or in other cooler fabrics such as cotton or linen.

I chose the more neutral option and love this bag for its practicality with the removable liner and choice of short or long handles for different looks, not to mention the ethical fashion credentials it is!

Since I get to take my own bag I like to carry as little as possible – the bare necessities really. So, I throw in some suncream which I tend to change each summer as I haven’t yet found one that we can all use without any reactions. Then I also have my Joy by Dior perfume, sunglasses and Chillys water bottle which is a much better choice than picking up any plastic bottles whilst away.

Sustainable Summer Bag and Contents

Quay Australia are my go to for sunglasses at the moment.

They have a variety of shapes and lenses which is great since I have such a small head that it's hard to find styles that work on my small face! It’s also a definite advantage that you can try on the glasses virtually using an image of yourself to see if they will suit you. Be careful though as it's easy to get carried away and fill your basket!!

If you would like any more information on any of the accessories you see in the pictures then please do contact me.

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