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Tranquillity in The New Forest

Limewood Hotel Main House

Ok I admit it…..I’m a bit of a control freak! So, holidays or breaks away are normally organised by me but on this occasion, and with everything going on in our lives I was more than happy to let my husband book a break away for the two of us without getting involved.

Lime Wood in The New Forest was our destination and it was just over an hour from where we live in Surrey, so not too far but far enough away to feel like we were escaping.

As we turned down the drive of Lime Wood and drove up to the main house I could immediately feel the weight lifting from my shoulders and could sense it was going to be just the break we both needed to refuel.

Mini Break Limewood Hotel Entrance

Our welcome at Limewood was second to none. With very attentive staff and a tour of the main hotel offered, we felt like VIPs which I can assure you we’re not!! As we had booked treatments at their Herb House Spa we opted for the tour later and instead headed to our generous room – Pavilion 3 – to drop our bags before spa-ing it up!

Our room was very neutral and as a result calming which I think is perfect for a countryside retreat. The décor was also minimal but the pieces chosen like the landscape artworks and plates all worked brilliantly in the space.

I think my favourite part of our room was the ability to light a fire and sit on the table and chairs at the end of the bed in front of it. I mean how divine on an Autumn night!

The Herb House Spa offered the perfect space for proper R&R and after our treatments it was hard to get motivated to go anywhere…..but then again I guess that’s the point of spa break!

From the main pool inside, to the outside heated pool and hydrotherapy area I couldn’t fault a thing. To be honest it was being able to spend a bit of time in the hydrotherapy area staring out at the calm countryside that provided the most rest bite from the busyness in my mind and life.

Limewood Hotel Hydrotherapy Pool

The evening only further contributed to the pressures of life being lifted from our shoulders with a few games of Pool in the front room surrounded by some lovely pieces of abstract art, before having a drink at the bar and then going on to dinner at Hartnett Holder & Co.

Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs at dinner though, but if you can’t indulge when you’re taking time out, when can you?!!

Suitably full and 100% relaxed we headed back after dinner to our room to light the fire and finish off the day with some other treats – beautiful homemade cupcakes made to congratulate us on expecting our third child and a glass of bubbles afforded to us by Mr & Mrs Smith whom we booked through. What a way to finish our fabulous day!

In the morning we had breakfast delivered to our room and this was our last indulgence before having to head back to the craziness of our lives. Despite having a couple of hiccups with what we ordered, the food was again delicious and the staff couldn’t do enough to rectify the issues before we left.

All in all this break was like the Doctor’s Tonic we had been long overdue so we would absolutely recommend LimeWood and will be going back again for sure……soon I hope too!

Limewood Hotel Pavilion 3 Breakfast

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