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Top Tips for Sustainable Maternity Dressing

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Maternity dressing for me has never been something that comes easily. As someone who has never felt overly comfortable or confident in my own skin, I found it even harder to dress my ever-expanding body.

Simple maternity outfit

That said, over my 3 pregnancies I have come up with some simple tips and tricks which I am sharing in the hope this will help you through your own pregnancy fashion journeys. As always I would say try and focus on sustainability and use what you have, borrow from friends, buy secondhand or if you need to buy new, buy more consciously.

Hairbands are your new best friends

  • To avoid buying more trousers that will have a much shorter life, I would recommend using your current trousers for as long as you can with the help of a hair band.

  • Loop it through the button hole and around the button in the waistband of your trousers so you get the extra expanse you need to last you longer. If you find though this becomes uncomfy then New Look have some good options in high cotton and viscose contents.

Long camis are a saviour

  • Not only will they cover the gap between trousers and shorter tops or t-shirts meaning your current wardrobe will work longer, but I find they are quite supportive as a base layer. If these are hard to find the belly bands are also a great option and easy to pop on under a shorter cami just to cover the ‘gap’ at the bottom of the bump.

  • H&M conscious are great for the vests and also ASOS Mamalicious who partner with BCI cotton to improve cotton farming globally making it better for the farmers and the environment.

  • For something not specifically maternity therefore naturally having a longer life, then New Look have a great long cami which would work here.

Fitted is flattering

  • For my first pregnancy I preferred to hide my body away and wear clothes in my wardrobe which were as baggy as possible, but as time has gone on I have come to realise that the more form fitting the outfit, the more flattering the look on a pregnant body. Some great options are by Isabella Oliver and H&M Conscious.

Lastly what I will say is that being pregnant is such a gift and we should be proud of what our incredible bodies are capable of. To be able to grow, carry and nurture these little miracles is a miracle in itself!

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