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The More Sustainable Choice of Nappies & Nappy Bags

Before I had my first baby I never even thought about nappies. It was only when I was pregnant with my first baby that a friend suggested a specific brand of nappies to me because her little one had never got a rash whilst using them, that I decided to give them a try and I have never looked back since.

Beaming Baby offer bio-degradable nappies:

  • With 54% less chemicals in them than standard nappies.

  • Over 77% of the nappy including the packaging is bio-degradable

  • Most of the nappy will bio-degrade in 4 years versus most other standard nappies at 400 years!!

The chemicals in standard nappies can cause sensitive skin problems which is something I wanted to avoid. So the fact that the nappies have less chemicals and a GM free absorbent layer which is fortified with 100% natural cornstarch was a definite plus and has prevented all three of my kids from getting sensitive skin problems or nappy rash. I have also never had any problems with leaks which I think is testament to their quality and I certainly wouldn’t and haven’t hesitated to recommend them to others.

Bio-degradable nappies

Kids in nappies

The fact that these nappies bio-degrade in such a short time versus conventional nappies was a huge draw for me too because of the lower impact on the environment.

Whilst I do understand though that there are more sustainable options of nappies for example re-usable ones, if I’m honest I didn’t and still don’t think I could maintain all the washing of them that’s required. Not only that but it’s worth considering that if they go in the machine this is using up water and potentially washing plastic particles into the environment where synthetics are being washed.

Another thing Beaming Baby offer are gm-free cornstarch nappy bags. These are 100% bio-degradable and compostable, composting in 6-9 weeks and I absolutely love them. I opt for the fragranced ones which is quite subtle but just covers up any smells nicely!

Cornstarch Bio-degradable and Compostable Nappy Bags

So if you want to make a small change which will benefit both your babies and the environment do try Beaming baby.

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