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Halloween with the kids

I’m not sure about anyone else, but my kids….well my eldest who is only 5, is obsessed with Halloween and all things haunted and gory!! We spend our year going through all the big events and Halloween seems to surpass the summer and everything in between in the importance stakes for him, so I like to make sure we have one day together every year celebrating it.

Secretts Pumpkin Picking with Family

Pretty much since he was walking we have always planned in a day for Halloween with our fabulous NCT friends who I feel very fortunate to still be close to and in contact with – god knows what I would have done without them at 4am when our babies were all awake screaming, and even now when I need advice on anything from stroppy school kids to where’s good for a night out! So, as a result every year we try and all head to Secretts Farm PYO in Milford, Surrey for some fun together.

When we first starting going to Secretts during half term week in October, the fun was had by riding on a tractor to the pumpkin fields where we would pick our own pumpkin before heading back for a coffee and catching up in the PYO café.

Boys Pumpkin Picking Secretts Milford

Now though there is so much more for the kids in the one place that it could be a whole day out which the kids love, for example:

  • The big tractor - trailer ride to pick your own pumpkin

  • Mini tractor riding back near the café

  • Little fairground rides

  • A photobooth with Halloween masks to wear for your picture

  • Cookie decorating

  • Face Painting

You definitely need a lot of change for all the extras which add up, but it is totally worth to see their little faces light up with all the entertainment! And whilst they did all their activities and indulged in cookies at 10am (well it’s not every day is it?!!!), we could indulge in some pumpkin cake, soup, sausage sandwiches or a cuppa to keep us going.

A fabulous way to spend our morning that’s for sure and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for some half term fun with the kids in October next year!

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